Gigapack Cam L-WP High Photography Backpack

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High-Performance Camera Backpack 

The Best Photography Backpack for Every Budget. This bag comes with separate compartments. It can carry various camera lenses. It has side a pocket for carrying the tripod. This light weighted photo camera sling bag is convenient to bring with you on a short city trip. Carrying on your Shoulder. This Cross Digital Case is Waterproof with Rain Cover. Travel light with your DSLR. Soft Men Women Bag for your Canon, Nikon, Sony or other cameras/ DSLR. Get ready for action with this high-performance light weighted camera backpack.

Camera Sling Shoulder Backpack features: 

Use Not included: Lenses x2, Tripod, DSLR Camera, Lens, Lens x3, Flash, Universal, Monopod, Battery, Battery x2.
Material: Polyester
Type: Camera Bag or Camera Backpack
Brand Name: Gigatrendy Lightpro
Style: Camera Handbags
Package: Yes
Weight: 750g / 1.65lb
Exterior Size: 15.5 x 23 x 40.5(cm) / 6.1 x 9 x 15.95 inch
Color: Red/Green/Orange/Purple (outside black)
Comes with: Rain Cover
Capacity: 1xDSLR + 3xLens + 1xTripod + Other Accessories
Type: Soft Bag
Accessories Type: Shoulder Bag / Sling Bag
Waterproof: Yes
Packet for mini ipad: Yes
Position for Tripod: Yes



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