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Magic Hands Free Phone Case Phone Case - Shop Trending Products
Magic Hands Free Phone Case Phone Case - Shop Trending Products
Magic Hands Free Phone Case Phone Case - Shop Trending Products

Magic Hands Free Phone Case Phone Case

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Magical Gravity Phone Case. Hands-Free Phone Case

Hate it too, when your phone is falling while recording your movie?

This phone case is maybe your solution. Stick it everywhere. Record your content in front of almost every wall or surface.

Perfect for those moments when you really just need your phone to stay in one place. NO FALLING off the table, NO SLIPPING off the couch. The Anti-Gravity Case sticks without being sticky. Use it over and over again and you'll find that it Does Not Lose Stickiness. Its sleek design is scratch proof and Works using Nano-Suction technology. The micro-suction cups operate as a unit and effectively cling to almost any flat, smooth surface. Whether it’s up on a wall or on the dashboard of your car, if you place it there, IT STAYS THERE! 


Magical Nano Hands-Free Anti Gravity Phone Case Features: 

  • Made from Solid Scratch/Shockproof Material.
  • Easily Sticks to Various Smooth, Flat Surfaces, including Glass, Metal, Wood, and Tile.
  • Very Easy to clean. Just rinse them with water and the dirt/dust falls off.
  • Temperature resistant. A rise or drop in temperature won't affect its Sticking Power.
  • Compatible with iPhone & Samsung Models
  • Material: PC+TPU, Protect your phone from scratch and shock.
  • Can Stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile, car GPS, and most smooth, flat surfaces.
  • Nano-meter washable micro-suction back, The case Sticks without being sticky. Works perfectly with all phone functions including GPS, wifi, apple pay, 4G, NFC, Bluetooth. Simple-press buttons allow you to feel the click and large openings for cable and charger ports.
  • Easy to clean - This anti-gravity case is self-healing and temperature resistant. Remove dirt easily after a period of use when your back is dirty, you can clean with clean water that will stick tightly.
  • Compatible with iPhone, Samsung Models


1 pc  Magical Nano Hands-Free Anti Gravity Phone Case for Phones, check model.

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